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Friday, May 20, 2016

Greetings from the NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits

The Exhibit Hall is open and there is already a crowd of folks walking through the 11 acre hall. Several hours before the start of the NRA-ILA Leadership Forum, there were people waiting in line to get in to Freedom Hall where likely Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump will speak to the crowd.

As National Review Online's Jim Geraghty wrote in this morning's Morning Jolt, those assembled in Freedom Hall are likely to focus more on what Donald Trump says today about his support for the Second Amendment and Hillary Clinton than his comments 16 years ago in support of some gun control:
Trump will bash Hillary Clinton, and the crowd will applaud with good reason; she supports a wide variety of gun control proposals, including reinstating the assault-weapons ban. Never mind that gun crimes continued to decline after the ban expired. The dirty little secret that few gun-control advocates like admitting is that very few crimes are committed with so-called “assault weapons.”

A choice between an unreliable ally and a certain enemy is far from ideal, but most gun owners will see a clear distinction anyway.
You can watch Trump's speech and the entire Leadership Forum live on beginning at noon today. 

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