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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Firearm Transportation Laws Up and Down the I-95

This blog has shared the woes of some gun owners who have traveled I-95 through DC or Maryland, or New Jersey, and the nightmares they have endured when stopped for routine traffic stops the jailed for having a firearm in the vehicle.  Earlier today Oliver Krischik, with Karin Riley Porter, a firm in Northern Virginia, contacted the VSSA office.  According to Mr. Krischik, The firm handles a lot of cases involving firearm charges, and they often represent individuals charged for unlawful gun possession while they are just passing through to Maryland or Virginia. Originally the firm had the idea of developing a resource for clients showing the laws regarding purchase and travelling with weapons up and down the 1-95 corridor. 

Ultimately, the firm developed an infographic showing the extent of peaceful journey laws up and down I-95, and they put it up on the website as a resource for gun-owners.Interstate-95 goes through 15 states and D.C., and crosses many different jurisdictions with a wide variety of laws applying to the need for a permit and whether or not you can cross state borders with your firearm.  The below infographic is interactive and can be useful if you are traveling with your firearm north on I-95 from Virginia.  Simply move your cursor over the state in which you have a question on a particular issue section.  Besides practicing in northern Virginia, they can also represent clients in Richmond and Henrico should you find yourself in need of an attorney familiar with state and federal firearm laws.

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