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Saturday, April 9, 2016

McAuliffe Vetoes Bill Clarifying Law on Brandishing a Firearm

NBC 4 in Washington reports that Governor McAuliffe has vetoed HB 560, a bill that clarifies the law on brandishing a firearm.  As passed, in order to receive a conviction, prosecutors would have to prove that an individual not only brandished a weapon, but also knew or should have known that his or her conduct induced fear in the mind of another person.  McAuliffe thanks that is a bridge too far:
Making the change requested in this bill would create unintended consequences for prosecutors and law enforcement officers attempting to secure convictions for violators of this law,” said McAuliffe in another veto statement for House Bill 560.

This proposed modification would unnecessarily burden our public safety officials and potentially create a defense for individuals who recklessly handle firearms," he said.
That's four separate vetoes of pro-gun bills.  Clearly McAuliffe is trying to work himself back into the good graces of the gun ban lobby.

1 comment:

TPKeller said...

McAuliffe's contorted comments accompanying his vetoes are always amusing. In this case, what he calls "unintentional" is exactly the opposite. The bill INTENDED to make it harder to convict law-abiding citizens who are merely handling their firearms safely, of the ambiguous charge of brandishing.

Once again, he rejects the clear will of the people in favor of his puppeteers, Mr. Bloomberg, and Mr. Obama.