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Thursday, January 14, 2016

McAuliffe Vows to Veto Any Bill Turning Back His Gun Control Actions

The Richmond Times Dispatch reports that Governor Terry McAuliffe soured the mood of his State of the Commonwealth Address last night with two veto threats:
“Specifically, I am prepared to veto bills that roll back the progress that we have made on marriage equality and women’s access to health care,” McAuliffe said. “I will also reject proposals that limit this commonwealth’s ability to keep Virginians safe from gun violence or to react to the very clear and present danger of climate change and sea level rise.”
The Times noted that Republicans thought that throwing down the gauntlet with veto threats took away from his message of working together.  We will need several Democrats to cross ranks if McAuliffe vetoes bills to overturn the AG's unilateral action on out-of-state concealed carry permit recognition.  There are two pro-rights Democrats in the State Senate.  There is also State Senator Chap Petersen who has been known to side with our issue on one or two occasions, including concealed carry in restaurants.  He may be needed if we are to move rollbacks of McAuliffe's and Attorney General Herring's overreach.

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David S said...

It's unfortunate that politicians act like Dictators when they get in office. They have little regard for what constituents may want.