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Monday, December 21, 2015

Gospel and Guns Intersect at Liberty University

It hasn't been a popular decision among the mainstream educational community but among Liberty students, it seems to fit right in with the values of the students enrolled at the nation's largest Christian university.  CBC News reports that Liberty President Jerry Falwell Jr.'s comments urging his students to carry concealed is popular among the student body:
Around campus, with its pastoral lawns and Christmas carols piped out from loudspeakers along University Boulevard, talk of guns in dorms was met with wide support. About 200 people reportedly attended Liberty's largest-ever gun safety class last week, following Falwell's call for more people to exercise their Second Amendment rights.

Gioanni Galan, a 19-year-old nursing student, is considering signing up for free firearms training through the Liberty University Police Department. But her roommate disagrees with the dorm proposal, worrying that tempers could flare in some suites and end in gunfire.
It should be noted that only students age 21 and older can qualify for a concealed carry permit in Virginia, but it is a positive sign that students of all ages are interested in signing up for free firearms training.

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