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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Media Reports Only Part of New Gallup Poll on Gun Control

You probably read the report on a new Gallup Poll that showed a slight uptick in support for more gun control.  What you likely didn't hear was the rest of the story:
The latest increase, from the Gallup Crime poll conducted Oct. 7-11, came in the days after the most recent high-profile mass shooting, at a community college in Oregon. However, that event seems to have mainly affected Americans' views about laws on gun sales, but not other topics relating to guns.
Not long after the Gallup poll was released, other outlets released polls.  For instance, CNN released a poll that showed 52% of respondants oppose additional gun control.  NRANews host Cam Edwards spoke with Brietbart's AWR Hawkins about the polls various polls that came out this week.

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