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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

A Message for VSSA President Ernie Padgette

VSSA Annual Membership Meeting Cancelled

Regretfully, it is necessary to cancel the 2015 VSSA Membership Meeting due to low response from the membership. We are always receiving requests from members to “bring the meeting to a location near us”. This year, we tried to do just that. Unfortunately, there is always a risk involved in moving the meeting to a location away from our main membership base; and this time the risk was validated.

Member response and reservations have been very low this year. Additionally, many members have indicated they simply were unable to make the long trip to Roanoke. Lesson learned; but we did try to respond to repeated requests from the membership to “take the show on the road.” My regrets to all VSSA Members.

The annual drawing and announcement of election results will take place at the next VSSA Board of Directors (BOD) Meeting, at 7:00 PM on September 23rd, at Gander Mountain in Fredericksburg, VA.  The results of both will be will be announced on the VSSA website, eBullet and blog. Additionally, all VSSA BOD Meetings are open to the membership.

Finally, there is still have time to participate in the annual drawing but tickets should be mailed no later than September 19th to insure they are received in the office before the 23rd.  This year's 1st Prize is the very popular Glock 43 G4 9mm, which has received rave reviews and was NRA's Gun of the Week earlier this year.
You can download additional tickets by clicking here.  Simply print and fill out the number additional tickets you would like to purchase, and mail them along with your check to VSSA, PO Box 1258, Orange, VA. 22960.

Again, it is with deep regret that the 2015 Membership Meeting is canceled.


Ernie P.

1 comment:

Gary Moeller said...

Try having it in the population center of the state - in the Tidewater area. Those of us down here would love it!