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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Yes, People Do Use Guns for Self Defense

The gun ban advocates tout a recent study that claims owning a gun does not make you safer.   While that study has already been debunked, it is far more convincing to hear from someone who did fear for her life and turned to buying a firearm and training to use it for the purpose of protecting her life.   This morning, actress Kelly Carlson appeared on Fox News to talk a little about her experience and how she turned to the NRA for help, as well as promoting her appearance on the Outdoor Channel's NRA All Access airing tonight.
Here is a preview of the NRA All Access segment.

Update:Carlson spoke more in-depth with Cam Edwards about her experience during Wednesday's NRANews program.


Arianit Dobra said...

Yes, i use gun just for self defense and i will suggest do proper research on guns before buying a gun for self defense.

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