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Monday, June 1, 2015

More Virginia Pro-Gun Candidates Smeared by NAGR

Late last week we reported on a campaign mailer that a group known as the National Association for Gun Rights dropped in the 12th Senate District.  Bearing Drift reports that 12th District GOP candidate Bill Janis is not the only candidate in Virginia targeted by NAGR's smears.
But this cheap campaign trick is something to expect from the NAGR. The NAGR has posted negative and  false Facebook posts about the following elected officials in Virginia:
Speaker Bill Howell
Delegate Mark Dudenhefer
Delegate Chris Head
Former Delegate Bill Janis
Senator John Cosgrove
Senator Emment Hanger 
What do all of these gentlemen have in common? They were all endorsed by the National Rifle Association for the June 9th primary. These  smear campaigns are not about Virginia, nor any of these elected officials.
One of those candidates (Hanger) that is supposedly "hiding something" as NAGR puts it, was the sponsor of the bill in 2010 that repealed the ban on carrying concealed in restaurants that serve alcohol.

Yes, conservatives have some issues with several of the incumbents that Bearing Drift lists as having been on the receiving end of NAGR's smears.  Most of these have to do with having supported expanding Medicaid in Virginia under Obamacare (Hanger) and supporting Governor Bob McDonnell's transportation taxes (Howell).  But NRA and VSSA are both single issue groups and that issue is firearms freedom.  Everyone of the candidates on the list has strong pro-gun voting records and that is the only thing on which NRA and VSSA endorsements are based.  But that doesn't matter to NAGR.
The NAGR is desperate for attention and money. The NAGR doesn’t bother to look at the records of the politicians they endorse, they just pick the NRA’s candidate and oppose them.
Don't be fooled by false smears from a group more concerned about raising money than protecting your rights.

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