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Friday, March 27, 2015

McAuliffe Vetoes Bill Protecting Concealed Handgun Permit Holders

As expected, today Governor Terry McAuliffe two firearm related bills, including one that would have prevented law enforcement in states that do not have concealed permit reciprocity with Virginia from having access to the information on those permits. From the Richmond Times Dispatch:
The vetoes, detailed Wednesday in the Richmond Times-Dispatch, include a rejection of several gun bills that would have let concealed handgun permit holders drive with loaded shotguns or rifles in their vehicles, and would have prevented the state from sharing permit holder information with any other state that does not have a firearms reciprocity agreement with Virginia.
The bill protecting concealed handgun permit holder information, SB948, in no way endangers law enforcement.  In fact, there is evidence that concealed carry permit holders are some of the most law abiding people in the nation.  All this bill does is protect Virginia CHP holders from fishing expeditions that law enforcement in states like Maryland and New Jersey typically take when they learn someone they stop for routine traffic violations is a gun owner and concealed carry permit holder.

The other bill he vetoed is Senator Tom Garrett's bill (SB1137) that would allow concealed handgun permit holders to have a loaded rifle or shotgun in their vehicle.

The General Assembly will take up the Governor's vetoes and amendments on April 15.  Be sure to contact your State Senator and urge him or her to vote to override Governor McAuliffe's vetoes on SB948 and SB1137.

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