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Monday, February 2, 2015

Senate Courts of Justice Advances Voluntary Background Check Bill

This morning, Senate Courts unanimously advanced SB1141 this morning.  SB1441 is Senator Lucas' bill that as originally drafted requires the State Police to be available to perform background checks for privates sales at gun shows if requested by a party involved in a transaction. Additionally, the promoter of the firearms show shall furnish the State Police sufficient facilities to perform the background checks. In order for the bill to become effective, the U.S. Department of Justice must approve the policies and procedures that the State Police will use to implement the provisions of the bill.

The reported bill was amended to add language to make it clear that private sellers who did not wish to take advantage of the voluntary checks could not be held liable if a firearm ended up being used for illegal purposes.  The bill now moves to Senate Finance to determine any budgetary impact.

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