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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Media Focus on Woman Who Hunt and Shoot

World Champion shooter and Team Smith & Wesson member Julie Golob has this post on her blog on recent CNBC and ABC coverage of women and the shooting sports:
I loved the fact that CNBC chose to talk to so many women, including Smith & Wesson’s Laurel Smith who spoke about the M&P Shield. My closing comment in the piece sums up how I feel about it, that “It’s an exciting time in our industry.” Indeed it is! Focusing on fit and features, the firearm industry recognizes that female shooters and hunters are important!

This week ABC also covered the trend with an interview with Eva Shockey. Eva doesn’t fit the mold that mainstream media tends to showcase as the “typical” hunter and shooter. Neither does former Miss America contestant Theresa Vail, host of a new show coming out on the Outdoor Channel called Limitless, who I had the pleasure of meeting at the Benelli 828u launch party. Then there’s Sara Palin. Love or hate her, she has that dynamic personality that mainstream media jumps at the chance to cover. She’s also a hunter that’s passionate about our gun rights.

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NSSF noted during last week's Shot Show that self defense is the primary reason women are embracing gun ownership but they also want to learn how to hunt and go shooting with family and friends.

You may recall that Eva Shockey garnered a lot of attention late last year when hunting opponents began attacking her on social media for posting a photo of her and a black bear she had killed during a hunt.  She responded with grace, and even designed a limited edition clothing line with the tag line "I'll Never Apologize for Being a Hunter."
The clothing line was so popular, Shockey has reopened sales. But hurry, if you want one, there are only three days left.

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