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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Virginia AG Says Exploding Targets Not Illegal

NBC12 reports that Attorney General Mark Herring has issued an opinion that exploding (Tannerite) targets are not illegal.  The Chesterfield County Commonwealth's Attorney had written a letter to Herring asking whether possession and use of such targets for recreation were illegal after some county residents complained about the use of exploding targets by a group known as Virginia Gun Trader.  Since the AG did not offer an opinion about whether exploding targets "might comprise a misdemeanor violation of other statues or ordinances, such as disturbing the peace or any applicable zoning or noise ordinances" it is possible that those who originally made the complaints will seek an ordinance from the county to do just that:
"According to what we see in our nation, and the world today, the noise, the booms, the guns, it is a problem," said Chesterfield resident Juanita Hudgins.

NBC12 - Richmond, VA News
VSSA will continue to watch this issue and let you know if further action is needed.

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