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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Bloomberg Spends Six Figures on New Kroger Ad Blitz

It appears that Bloomberg isn't taking no for an answer from Kroger when it comes to allowing customers to carry firearms in stores.  Forbes reports that Bloomberg is spending six figures on a new ad blitz targeting the chain:
Moms Demand Action’s blitz includes a billboard near Kroger’s corporate headquarters in Cincinnati as well as print and digital full page ads and wraps in both the local Ohio press and national titles like USA Today.

The ads come after the group, backed by a $50 million investment by billionaire Bloomberg Bloomberg, failed to convince Kroger to ask shoppers to leave their guns at home with a petition and social media pressure. The campaign can be seen in full here.
Here's one of the ads:

One of the ads in this campaign shows a man without a shirt -- not allowed in Kroger stores -- alongside a woman with a gun. Firearms are permitted inside Kroger stores in states where it's lawful.

1 comment:

Barry R said...

Wow! And they call gun owners extremist! This group is totally out of control. Using manipulated Photoshopped pictures to justify their extreme views.