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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Universal Background Checks and the Black Market for Guns

Forbes Magazine's Frank Miniter wrote this piece sharing more information from his new book The Future of the Gun. Miniter interviewed ATF staff to find out their views on how criminals get guns.  He also interviewed some former inner-city gang members.  He heard much the same from the two different groups, that criminals will always find a way to get access to firearms.  Miniter came to the following conclusion after hearing the ATF staff explain data related to stolen firearms:
Now, as a condition for the interview I’d agreed not to ask these cops policy questions, as ATF agents are enforcers not policy makers, so I couldn’t ask them for recommendations on how to make the system better. Still, these findings make it clear that requiring all private sales of firearms be put through the National Instant Background Check System (NICS) wouldn’t do anything to stop criminals from getting guns, as criminals are already largely getting their guns through thefts, straw purchases and other illegal means.
You can find more of Miniter's findings by picking up a copy of his book.

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