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Monday, June 2, 2014

Why Women Are Carrying Concealed

The Seattle Times had this story on the "skyrocketing" number of concealed carry permits in the state of Washington, especially among women.  They had an accompanying pictorial with quotes from some of those women on why they want be responsible for their self-defense:
Katie Oittinen, just received her Concealed Pistol License in the mail. "It's important for me to have a CPL to protect myself and my son," she said. Oittinen drives down long, dark roads to reach her home outside Granite Falls. "You can't count on a sheriff to show up in a timely manner and keep you safe. It is also important for me to be able to protect myself while out in the woods. You never know what kind of wildlife you may run in to," she said. 
Gracie McKee, director of training and range manager at West Coast Armory, knew she wanted her Concealed Pistol License by the age of 19, and obtained it at age 21. "The reason I carry is out of a deep-seated love for myself, my family and the innocents," she said. By the age of 24, McKee became an NRA training counselor, a certified instructor and a range safety officer. "I'd like to encourage women to explore any avenues, whether it be carrying concealed or something else, that will empower them to take on the survivor mind-set and refuse to be a victim," she said. 
Anette Wachter, a member of the U.S. National Rifle Team and Belltown resident, secured her Concealed Pistol License three years ago. "I carry because I feel I am responsible for my own safety," she said. Wachter says she can't rely on others or the police to be there at the right time to protect her. She conceal carries in a variety of ways, including a bra holster, an inner waistband holster and side holster. She also designs upcycled-bullet jewelry and blogs about women and gun culture at
Michelle Locke Hemby, of Queen Anne, applied for her Concealed Pistol License in March. "My biggest concern is that in the event I need to use a gun, I most certainly do not want to be afraid to," she said. Hemby wanted a license to exercise her rights of gun ownership. She also applied after hearing rumors that the federal government could try to restrict CPLs. The license would also give Hemby the ability to make an immediate purchase of a gun, instead of going through a waiting period. 
Apparently Moms Demand Action has never talked to these women. 

1 comment:

Greg said...

Women should not have to rely on the sheriff or other law enforcement officer to protect them. As good as law enforcement is, it cannot be everywhere 24/7.

I applaud these women. By getting the appropriate training and concealed carry license they are taking their self-defense seriously and personally--as they should.