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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

McAuliffe Amends Cline Bill on Storing Firearms in Vehicles

Governor McAuliffe has used a bill that simply clarifies existing law, to make a statement against self defense.  Delegate Ben Cline's HB 962 provides that for purposes of the exception to the prohibition against carrying a concealed weapon if it is in a secured container or compartment in a personal, private motor vehicle or vessel, the term "compartment" includes a console, glove compartment, or any other area within or on the vehicle or vessel that possesses the ability to be closed. The bill also provides that the term "secured" does not require that a container or compartment be locked, but merely closed.  The bill passed both Houses of the General Assembly by large bi-partisan margins (27-13 in the Senate and 70-27 in the House of Delegates).  But Governor Terry McAuliffe amended the bill and sent it back to the Assembly.  His amendment strikes the work "secured" everywhere it appears in the bill and  replaces it with "locked".  

Please contact your member of the House of Delegates and urge them to reject Governor McAuliffe's Amendment.  If the amendment is rejected, McAuliffe's options are to sign the bill as passed or to veto it.

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