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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Lifetime Carry Permits Moving in State Senate

State Senator Charles Carrico's SB 608 which would create lifetime concealed handgun permits was unanimously reported from Senate Finance yesterday.  Amazingly, this bill is moving much faster in the Senate than it is in the House of Delegates where it has come up twice in subcommittee and still has not moved out.

SB 608 (like HB 736) would change the application process from the local Clerk of the Circuit Court to the State Police, and would make the fee for the first time applicant $100.  An individual with a current permit would pay $50 at renewal, with the renewal becoming a lifetime permit.

SB 608 is likely to be on the Senate calendar for a final vote on Friday or Monday.  Because it will be on the Uncontested Calendar, a vote is possible on Friday.

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