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Thursday, November 7, 2013

More People Voted for Pro-Gun Governor Candidates than Voted for Anti-gun McAuliffe

Bloomberg and gun control groups were crowing yesterday after NRA "F" rated candidate Terry McAuliffe narrowly defeated Ken Cuccinelli and claiming that shows Virginia voters rejected the NRA.

But as this blog noted yesterday, some Democrats think that Bloomberg's entrance into the race may have contributed to some of the tightening in the race in the last two weeks of the campaign.  But U.S. News notes Bloomberg may be taking too much credit::
But Virginia's race wasn't all about guns. While gun control advocates and gun rights groups spent a combined $4 million on the gubernatorial matchup, much of the money was spent just weeks before Election Day and at a time when McAuliffe already had a strong leg up in the polls. The NRA estimates it spent upwards of $1 million on the race. Candidates focused on the economy, health care and women's rights, instead. Conversations about gun control were few and far between and didn't surface until late into the race.
It should also be noted that of the 67 House GOP members who won on Tuesday, 65 were endorsed by the NRA, two in Northern Virginia that were targeted by Bloomberg.  So, that kind of blows up Bloomberg's narrative.  Finally, here is a fact that I have not heard from anyone in the media yet:  There were two candidates running for Governor who were strongly pro-gun.  One of those candidates - Ken Cuccinelli - was endorsed by the NRA, and one - Robert Sarvis - responded to a questionnaire from another Virginia gun rights group and responded in a way that would be considered "very pro-gun."  Those two candidates combined received a total of 51.77% of the vote. Terry McAuliffe received a total of 47.74% of the vote.

So, it appears that a majority of Virginia's voters voted for a candidate that supports our Second Amendment rights.

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