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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Gun Show Firearm Retailer Help Police Nab Felon Attempting to Buy Firearms

It's a common refrain from the gun ban lobby that gun shows are a great resource for criminals to purchase guns. But this story from the Richmond Times Dispatch tells a different story:
According to a summary of evidence, Reaves, who now lives in Richmond, tried to persuade numerous federally licensed firearms dealers to sell him a gun privately and without a background check at the Showmasters gun show July 7 at the Richmond Raceway Complex.

The dealers refused and alerted state trooper D.M. Sottile, who eventually identified Reaves and arrested him after determining he had a felony record.
The prosecutor, Robert C. Cerullo, pointed out how licensed retailers play a key role in stopping illegal purchases by felons, especially staw purchases. Cerullo, a former police officer, also had a little to say about the claim that private sellers account for a lot of sales at gun shows:
Cerullo said it’s difficult to say what percentage of gun show transactions are private because they aren’t tracked.

“I’ve heard the argument from Mayors Against Illegal Guns, but how does anyone say whether they are numerous or not if we don’t track it?” Cerullo said. “They say it happens all the time. Maybe. But then maybe not.”

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