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Monday, September 9, 2013

Bloomberg Outspent NRA and Firearms Industry Combined in 2012

Here's the graphic from the September America's 1st Freedom.

I especially like the fact that NRA broke down the spending for the association and the firearms industry by number of individuals represented (since without those 4 million members NRA would not have had that money to spend).

On a related note, it will be interesting to see what the final total is on the money Bloomberg spends on the Colorado recall vs the NRA and what kind of return Bloomberg gets for his investment.

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Henry Bowman said...

So far, all Michael Bloomberg has proven is that money can't beat grassroots politics. He financially backed Obama's "universal registration" railroading attempt, and lost. He invested heavily in protecting two unpopular politicians responsible for Colorado's recent anti-gun laws, and lost, despite outspending the recall backers by over a half-million dollars. In 2012. Bloomberg personally outspent the NRA and the firearms industry lobbies COMBINED, and still didn't win on a single issue. His "Moms" front organization was ignorant and impotent. His "Mayors" front organization has hemorrhaged a significant percentage of its membership -- some because they finally caught on that Bloomberg wasn't after "illegal" guns, he was after ALL guns by making them "illegal"; and some because they ended up out of office and under indictment for peccadilloes like corruption, embezzlement, pederasty, bribery, extortion, tax evasion, perjury, and assault and battery. Individually, his front organizations were so anemic that he had to combine them under a single umbrella… and he's STILL spinning his wheels with the American voter. We won't be fooled again. If Bloomberg want to piss away his money, I say go for it.