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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Zinns Comes From Behind to Win at NRA Pistol Championships

If you'be been keeping up with this season of Top Shot All Stars, you've probably noticed that the competition has been pretty stiff. That is as it should be with this being the best of the best from the previous four seasons. Some of the folks who breezed through their last attempt making it to the final eight of their season are struggling sometimes this season. This past week Brian Zinns, who is an 11 time NRA Pistol Champion, had a hard time with the Mile Rifle Shot.  Then he had an uncharacteristic problem with the Henry Rifle at the "Proving Ground." It took three extra rounds to get out of the elimination challenge with the primative atlatl.

NRABlog reports that Zinns was apparently having a similar day on Thursday at the 2013 Remington/NRA Pistol Championships when at the end of the day he found himself ten points back from the leader tied for 9th place.  But after a great round on the muddy fields at Camp Perry, he ended Friday in 1st Place with one day to go.

When we left off at the conclusion of Thursday's .22 Caliber Championship, 11-time national champion Brian Zins had found himself ten points behind the leader and tied for ninth overall after his relay experienced strong winds. Twenty-four hours later, Zins is back on top. Not content to let the weather hold him back on his quest for a 12th title, Zins star went nothing short of berserk on the firing line, shooting a 880 out of 900 and leaping to the front of the pack.

Zinns went on to win the .45 Caliber Pistol Championships today.  Just goes to show one bad day doesn't make a bad shoot.

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