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Friday, March 1, 2013

This is What Happens When You Take Joe Biden's Advice

Vice President Joe Biden told Field & Stream magazine in an interview published earlier this week:
"[if] you want to keep someone away from your house, just fire the shotgun through the door."
Not such a good idea for a Virginia Beach man.

And we all know what he said he advised his wife do, fire two blasts from the shotgun into the air.  That is not work out so good for this Delaware man.

Now, there are surely more to each of these stories but the point is, there are real consequences for discharging a firearm in a residential area in Virgnia and most other states.  There are exceptions for self-defense (in Virginia at least) but you are likely to have to prove to investigators that you feared for your life and if you do, then one may wonder why you did not shoot the perp instead of into the air or through the door where you may have no way of knowing who is on the other side before firing.

1 comment:

Knife Guy said...

Shoot through the door -- you mean like Oscar Pistorius?