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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Thousands Willingly Pay Higher Entry Fee to Nation's Gun Show

The Hill reports that the Nation's Gun Show raised the entry fee for this weekend's gun show in Chantilly so they can use the additional funds to fight the Obama gun grab.
“Admission has gone up because we are using the money to fight so you can keep and bear your guns,” read the sign on the front doors to the gun show.

“We have already spent $25,000 this year to stop impending legislation by hiring lawyers, lobbyists, and writing bills.”
Higher fees did not stop patrons from attending.
Entry lines stretching around the giant exhibition center resulted in waits of up to 30 minutes on opening day Friday afternoon as parked cars spilled over into the neighboring shopping plaza less than 15 miles from the resort where House Democrats at their annual retreat just a day earlier unveiled proposals for an assault weapons ban, a limit on magazine capacity, and universal background checks for gun buyers.
This is just one more example of the firearms community stepping up to the plate to defeat the gun ban schemes flowing out of Washington.  Obama may have awakened a sleeping giant.

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