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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Romney Pollster: Don't Expect Obama to Let Six Year Itch to Set In

Daniel Newhauser of Roll Call writes in today's "At the Races" column that National Republican Congressional Committee Vice Chairman Lynn Westmoreland of Georgia and top GOP pollster Neil Newhouse told attendees at a recent meeting to be on guard for Obama’s campaign machine:
“His attention has gone from getting himself elected to keeping the majority in the Senate and winning the majority in the House,” Westmoreland said in an interview, paraphrasing his remarks. “They need to be prepared for him being involved, because he made it quite clear at their retreat that he wanted his last two years to be like his first two years and that means, of course, having Pelosi as the speaker.”
Some pundits think that what plagued some other presidents in their sixth year will also befall Obama.  President Reagan had Iran Contra.  President Clinton had Monica.  President Bush had Iraq and lost the Senate and House because of war fatigue.  The economy may yet be Obama's undoing but don't expect it to be due to him sitting back and coasting for four years.

If you think we are in a fight now, just think of where we could be if an anti-rights majority wins the House in two years.

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