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Friday, February 22, 2013

Loudoun May Consider Shooting Restrictions in the Future

It was supposed to be a public hearing on allowing the shooting of clay targets in the eastern part of Loudoun County where hunting is currently banned, but it quickly turned into a gripe session from people residing in the western portion of the county where residents not only can hunt, but can also shoot on their private property if they are not within 100 yards of an occupied building, within 50 yards of a highway and 100 yards of a park or school.  Leesburg Today reports:
“I would like less shooting in Loudoun County not more,” Purcellville area resident Kathleen O’Neill said, adding that she and her neighbors hear shooting seven days a week. “We residents of western Loudoun routinely listen to the discharging of firearms on Sunday. It’s morning, noon and night. It is time we change our laws to limit discharge of firearms in Loudoun.”
Comments like these are what we have been hearing in more rural counties as former urban and surburban residents move to the country to either retire or to get away from the noise and traffic the city.  It's almost as if these people had no idea that people in rural areas like to shoot on their private property.

If you live in western Loudoun you need to let your supervisors know you do not want additional restrictions on your right to target shoot on your private property. You should also contact them and let them know you support allowing clay target shooting in eastern Loudoun.  The Board is scheduled take action on the skeet shooting change for the east March 6.

You can find the contact information for the Board of Supervisors here.

Thanks to VSSA member Dave S. for passing this story along.

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