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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

CHP Holder Privacy Protection Not on Senate Calendar Today

It isn't unusal that a bill returning to the house of origin does not end up on the calendar for action the next day.  This gives us more time to contact our state senators and urge them to support SB1335 as passed by the House of Delegates yesterday.  SB1335 will protect the personal information of all concealed handgun permit holders as passed by the House.  This is not an open government issue, it is a privacy issue, and your personal information should not be open to the public or the media just because you have a concealed carry permit.

The vote is going to be close, and may ultimately be decided by the Lt. Governor in a tie-breaking vote.  Please contact your state senator today and urge him or her to vote yes on the House Substitute to SB1335.

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