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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Cantor and Background Checks

Earlier today, a group billing itself as a "National" gun rights organization put out an email that said they were "exposing" Eric Cantor working with Representative Carolyn McCarthy to criminalize private sales and "strip law-abiding people of the their gun rights FOR LIFE."  The email also mentioned Rep. Scott Rigell.  While it is true that Rigell has co-sponsored legislation with Carolyn McCarthy, Cantor has not. 

This is what Cantor told CNN on February 5th:
"I think that we can take a lot of lessons from what Virginia did and put it in place at the federal level, because there are a lot of states that aren't doing what Virginia is doing to try and beef up the database for the background checks to make sure that we actually can do something that does have a chance at reducing the likelihood and hopefully eliminating it from happening again," Cantor said.
Cantor was talking about improving the mental health information that is reported into the NICS, information that Virginia currently leads the nation in reporting.
No where has Cantor said that he supports criminalizing private sales by supporting so-called "universal" background checks.

This is just one more in a long line of misstatements by this group to draw attention to itself.  Cantor is solid on this issue.  VSSA's sources on The Hill tell us that Cantor and Representative Bob Goodlatte, who today said he does not support "universal" background checks, are on the same page.

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