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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Virginia Man Fired by AutoZone After Likely Saving Life of Boss

We know this type of story all too well.  Companies with "zero-tolerance" firearms policies fire employees who protect themselves from thugs.  But this one is a little too close to home.  Devin McClean worked at an AutoZone in the Tidewater Area.  Recently an armed robber came into the store.  He escorted Mr. McClean and his boss to the office, then after taking Mr. McClean's cell phone escorted him to the restroom.  McClean peeked out of the door and watched the robber go back to the front of the store.  At that moment, McClean was able to get out of the store, get to his car and retrieve his firearm.  Returning to the store, he re-entered the store and found his both on his hands and knees in front of the safe.  McClean confronted the robber, and the perp threw up his hands and fled the store.  He was later fired by AutoZone because he re-entered the store with the firearm.  He could have just as easily left his boss' life in the hands of the robber.  He didn't.  And for that, he was fired.

Cam Edwards of spoke with him about it the incident last Friday. has tried to contact AutoZone for their side of the story, but, as expected, they have had no response.  The response, should they receive one will likely be the standard "we don't discuss personnel issues..."

Not being one to suggest boycotts, if you choose to take you business elsewhere (or in the case you have never been an AutoZone patron), at least take time to politely let them know why they will lose your business.

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