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Friday, October 12, 2012

Two Involved in VCU Attacks Get 30 Days In Jail

In what could qualify for a Cam & Company "Deal of the Day," brothers involved in a mob attack on two different people just after classes began at VCU in August received 30 Days in jail today.  According to CBS6:
The Wallace brothers were officially given a sentence of 12 months behind bars with 11 months suspended and were ordered to pay a $100 fine. They will also be on unsupervised probation for the next three years.
The light sentencs could be due to the fact that the two are also facing on more serious charges in Henrico County, including firearm charges.
Search warrants CBS 6 News obtained place the Wallace brothers at a house party in western Henrico Sept. 1, where a teenage girl was shot in the head.
VCU has been in the news lately due to an increase in crime on and around the urban campus. Students and employees are not allowed to carry concealed while on campus even if they have concealed handgun permits (CHPs).

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