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Thursday, October 11, 2012

This Should Be All The Proof You Need That This Election Is Important to Gun Owners

If gun owners needed proof that who wins the race for the White House is critical to our rights, the fact that yesterday, the Supreme Court heard arguments in a case that could overturn an opinion rendered less than 10 years ago, should be all you need to convince you of what is at stake this year. Yesterday, the Court heard a challenge to its 2003 ruling that race may be considered as a factor when considering a candidate for admission to colleges and universities.  Justice Sandra Day O'Connor wrote the majority opinion in 2003 which allowed universities to use race as a factor only to find a "critical mass of underrepresented minority students." What is different this time?  There is no Sandra Day O'Conner on the Court.  She was replaced by a more conservative justice who could well rule to overturn that opinion.

Think what could happen if President Obama is re-elected and in the next four years, one of the five justices that sided with the majority in Heller and McDonald is replaced by a more liberal justice who does not interpret the Second Amendment as an individual right.  There are a number of cases winding their way through the courts.  It is possible that one or more of these cases will reach the court in the next four years.

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