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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Duke Professor Writes That Crime Not Caused by Weak Gun Laws

It was refreshing to read this Op/Ed in the Washington Times, written by Kyle Scott, who teaches American politics and constitutional law at Duke University and the University of Houston.  It is unusual to see someone from academia not push gun control as the answer to societies ills.

The thesis of the article is that crime is not caused by weak gun laws but because there is no moral compass in those who commit crime.  Scott writes that most of us do not commit murder, not because of the law says we can't, though the law is important, but because we know it is wrong.
Most people would refrain from shooting someone whether there was a law in place or not. It is the rare person who would say, “The only thing keeping me from opening fire on innocent people is the law.” No, most of us don’t murder because we know murder is wrong — not because the law tells us it is, but because our moral compass does.
Cam Edwards spoke to Scott about his article last Friday on NRANews.

Hat tip to NRANews.

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