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Monday, July 23, 2012

Bloomberg, Aurora Congressman, Call for Reinstating Assault Weapons Ban

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Rep. Ed Perlmutter (D-Colo.), the congressman representing Aurora, CO., took the opportunity of the Sunday news talk shows to call for reinstating the expired so-called "assault weapons" ban.  This from The Hill:
Perlmutter was appearing on CBS's "Face the Nation" immediately after New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who called for presidential candidates Barack Obama and Mitt Romney to "stand up" on gun control. But the Colorado lawmaker said Congress needed to take action on the issue.

"The mayor is saying this is all on the president's back, or the presidential candidates' back, Romney or Obama — I think this is a congressional issue that has to be dealt with," Perlmutter said. "Should we reinstate the assault weapons ban? I think we should, and I think that's where it starts."
And based on Congressman Perlmutter's comments, we may want to brace for calls for controlling ammunition:
"We ought to be taking a look at how this guy was able to accumulate so much ammunition," Perlmutter said. "He had enough ammunition for like a small army. There's something wrong about that. So I think the mayor is correct, but he's putting the finger on the wrong spot, it should be on Congress."
I probably know a number of people who have enough ammo "for a small army" because they regularly compete.  A lot of folks buy large amounts when their local gun shops or other suppliers run sales since the cost of ammo is about twice or more than what it was five year ago.

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