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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Virginia 2nd District Residents Should Demand Answers

One of only two Republicans to not support the Contempt of Congress Resolution against Attorney General Eric Holder is Virginia 2nd District Representative Scott Rigell. Constituents should ask him why he thinks it is okay for Holder to withhold documents related to the outright lie that guns never walked, told by Justice in a letter to congress, then walked back.


Greg Szalkowski said...

Not that I am defending his choice but Rigell voted FOR civil contempt and against criminal contempt. There were two different votes, so just saying he voted against contempt is the sort of biased reporting the liberals are good at and we should not sink to their level.

VSSA Legislative Chairman said...


Thanks for the clarification. At the time the post was written, he had only cast the one vote; the civil contempt vote had not been held. I would however like to know why he felt that the first vote was not worthy of his support as well.