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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

@RollCall Daily Briefing Predicts Bipartisan Contempt Vote

CQ Roll Call Daily Briefing reports the obvious this afternoon, that House Speaker John Boehner has confirmed tomorrow's scheduled vote to hold Attorney General Eric Holder is on as no agreement was reached during a meeting at the White House yesterday among Representative Darrell Issa’s staff, Boehner’s staff and senior administration officials.  Roll Call, in a rather snarky way, predicted it will be one of the more bipartisan votes in recent weeks:
Third — and maybe most importantly — the NRA is insisting on the vote and promising to make the roll call part of its annual gun rights congressional scorecard, which rather bizarrely guarantees the vote will be one of the more bipartisan affairs on the House floor in recent weeks. (At least 30 and perhaps 40 Democrats want to bend over backwards to do what the gun lobby wants in an election year.) The NRA is of the view that the administration told the ATF to intentionally lose track of the guns the agency allowed to walk from Arizona into the hands of Mexican drug lords so that there would be more violence along the border — which would then provide Obama with a rationale for tighter gun control laws.
Roll Call continued to profer that the GOP leadership believes that no one will really be paying attention as the news will likely be wall to wall coverage of the SCOTUS' ruling on Obamacare, meaning the GOP can  appease their base without turning off the all important "indendent" voters. The story goes that

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