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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Virginia State Postal Team Claims 2011 NRA National State Pistol Team Postal Match

Congratulations to the Virginia State Postal Team, which won the 2011 NRA National State Pistol Team Postal Match with an outstanding score of 2904-106x! The members of the 2011 Virginia State Postal Team who so successfully upheld the honor of the Commonwealth are Joe Chang, Brent Obenour, Lee Fleming, Matt Buckman, Dave Mccormick, Gino Celia, Shawn Pickard, Michael Vincent, Rick Hinzman, and Mathias Whaley.  Well done, gentlemen!

Results have been posted on the NRA website, and will be published in the May edition of Shooting Sports USA.

Each state is represented in this national postal match by the 10 resident shooters who fired the highest scores in the .22 NMC during their state's conventional pistol championship match.  We hope that their new celebrity status will not go to their heads, and that we will see all of these outstanding Virginia shooters at the Fairfax Rod & Gun Club matches this year!

Thanks to VSSA Pistol Committee Chairman Joe Fisher for passing this news along.

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