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Monday, March 12, 2012

Does This Mean That Photo ID Requirements to Buy Firearms Will Also Be Tossed by Justice Dept.?

Apparently half of Texas' Hispanic registered voters (meaning they are supposedly here legally and U.S. citizens) don't have Photo IDs and therefore would not be able to vote under Texas' new voter ID law.  Eric Holder says this means Texas' new law disproportionately affects Hispanic voters and is therefore unconstitutional. So, does this mean Justice is now going to stand up for the rights of those Hispanic citizens to buy firearms and throw out ID requirements for such purchases?

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JBolich said...

Seriously? How many people who are here legally don't have some form of photo ID or at the very least can't get one? I mean you can't do anything these days without a photo ID - open a bank account, sign a lease, cash a check, go into a bar, etc. How about focusing energy on helping these people get photo IDs rather than wasting time debating the constitutionality of the law. I find it unconstitutional that someone might be able to vote using another person's voter information. Geesh, what a waste of resources.

It cost $16 to get a photo ID issued in TX. Looks pretty simple to me -