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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Another Sign We Are Winning

We can find little things to prove that the pro-rights forces are not only winning legislatively, but gaining ground in the debate as well.  This from The College of William and Mary's college newspaper in a story about Governor McDonnell signing the repeal of Virginia's one gun-a-month law:
McDonnell’s decision to sign the bill came as no surprise — before the legislation process began, he said that he was against gun rationing. He also explained that more extensive background checks and new laws pertaining to handgun purchases would help maintain public safety.
Note that the author used the term "gun rationing" to describe the purpose of the almost twenty year-old law.  Yes, the subject of the story is that the families of victims of the Virginia Tech shooting lost in their attempt to have the bill vetoed, but the fact that a term usually used by pro-rights forces found its way into the story is another sign that we are changing the terms of the debate too.

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