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Monday, February 27, 2012

Christohper Newport University At It Again

We've come to expect Christopher Newport University (CNU) to tell us during the Virginia General Assembly that a majority of Virginians want to keep our few gun control laws.  CNU did not let us down this year either. The Richmond Times Dispatch reports the finding's of the lastest CNU poll (which the RTD commissioned).
Of the 1,018 registered Virginia voters polled Feb. 4-13, 66 percent want the one-gun-a-month restriction to remain and 31 percent favor repeal. A signature law from former Gov. L. Douglas Wilder's administration, it was enacted in 1993 in response to interstate gun-trafficking problems on the East Coast.
To show just how unimformed the average American is when it comes to our basic rights, one need only look at comments like these:
Patricia Lane, of Chester, said she is not a particularly close follower of gun-related issues, but that "my thoughts would be that one gun a month would be sufficient for anybody."

Roger Skeen, of Midlothian, also exercises his Second Amendment right but thinks one purchase a month is sufficient even for enthusiasts or people who use guns for sporting.
The government that can tell you how many of any item you can buy in a specified amount of time is a governement that can tell you that you can't buy any of that item, period.

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