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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Governor McDonnell Would Approve Ending Virginia Background Check

AM 1070 WINA reports that Governor Bob McDonnell would look favorably toward doing away with the two decade old instant background check run by the Virginia State Police and replace it with the federal instant check system.
Governor McDonnell says if it could be legally possible, he would support any move to do away with the criminal background check for those who buy firearms.  McDonnell says he would replace the two-decade old state system with a federal procedure.  That method screens prospective gun buyers for eligibility to get their hands on weapons.  Gun rights groups have been calling on the governor to end Virginia's Firearms Transaction Program.
The Virginia system has been plagued by delays in the last couple of years as budget cuts have caused the state police to cut back on staff amid an increase in firearm sales.  The Virginia State Police charge $2 for each background check which is passed on to the purchaser. The federal background check does not impose a fee.

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