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Monday, October 31, 2011

Virginia Democrat Talking Points: We Are Only Thing Keeping Virginia From Becoming Laughingstock, Alabama

That's the message every Democratic Senate Leader has sung to the press in the two weeks.  State Senator Janet Howell said it an AP article on the GOP's efforts to win a state senate majority.  And now, Senate Majority Leader Richard "Dick" Saslaw is singing it to the AP in a Canadian Business puff piece profile on the 46-year member of the General Assembly. The same reporter who the Saslaw profile also wrote the article which included the Howell quote. The Howell qoute was similar to Saslaw's below:
Consider his assessment of Virginia's politics should Republican conservatives succeed in taking the majority away from Saslaw's Senate Democrats, who now occupy 22 of the chamber's 40 seats.

"That's easy: we're Alabama. Alabama or Mississippi," he said, ridiculing two Deep South rural states whose conservative laws on immigration and state sovereignty in particular he considers regressive. The only impediment to similar policies in Virginia, he says, has been the Senate, the last Democratic toehold on power in Virginia.
Howell and Saslaw are reading from the same talking points to the press.  They both rattle off the same legislation from which they have saved the Commonwealth, including repeal of handgun rationing.  Saslaw predicts that the Democrats will retain control of the state senate next Tuesday saying many are going to be surprised at the results.

It should be noted that VSSA is non-partisan, and we are endorsing some Democratic Senators for re-election. But it is in the best interest of gun owners if the anti-rights Democratic leadership sinks into a minority status.  Without new leadership in the state senate, the chances will be slim of repealing one handgun-a-month and enacting Castle Doctrine.

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