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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

McDonnell Praises Perry, Stops Short of Endorsing

The Republican Party of Virginia held a fundraising luncheon today in Richmond featuring Texas Governor and Presidential Candidate Rick Perry.  The Richmond Times Dispatch covered the event.
In introducing Perry, McDonnell praised the Texan's record but stopped short of an endorsement. McDonnell reiterated his desire to see a governor in the White House. He has said he would not endorse a presidential candidate until November if at all.
Perry told the crowd that the GOP did not need a nominee who could bridge divides between Republicans and Democrats:
“We need a nominee who draws a clear and distinct contrast,” he said, adding that the difference between himself and Obama couldn’t be more clear.
Perry leads former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney for the GOP Presidential Nomination in recent polls with all of the remaining candidates in single digits.

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