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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Finnigan the Fox Says See A Gun? Leave it Alone, Leave the Area, Let an Adult Know

Thats what the Board of Education has come up with, complete with a mascot, Finnigan the Fox for their Gun Safety Curriculum.

The summary of the curriculum states:

The Elementary School Gun Safety Guidelines and Curriculum provide background information on gun use and consequences from the misuse of guns. Each lesson is complete with background information, lesson guidelines and plans, suggested scripts for teachers, and student materials. Lessons are aligned with specific Virginia Standards of Learning for each grade. School divisions are guided to develop procedures for instructors to assist students who may disclose sensitive information during a lesson.
That mascot and tag line is awfully close to the Eddie Eagle message but that is what HB1217 recommended last year.

The angle from the local news (at least WTVR TV6 and WRIC TV8) seems to be "is elementary school too early to teach children about guns)? The Brady Bunch should be going nuts about now too.

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Knife Guy said...

Does it include a lesson on plagiarism?