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Monday, September 26, 2011

College of William and Mary Joins Growing List Introducing Campus Gun Bans

The Virginia Gazette reported yesterday that the College of William and Mary is seeking to close what it believes is a "glaring hole in weapons regulations" on its campus. 
A weapons policy for the college had been cobbled together from the Code of Virginia and college handbooks, but amazingly no cohesive regulation existed.  A proposed rule went before the Board of Visitors this week.
William and Mary's proposed rule would prohit firearms in buildings or at campus events but does not expressly prohibit then on the grounds.  Everyone would be covered, including visitors.  It mirrors the regulation in place at George Mason University, which was recently upheld by the Virginia Supreme Court as not violating the Second Amendment.

The proposal will be published in the Virginia Register and returned to the Board of Visitors for a final vote in December.

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