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Friday, August 19, 2011

Sussex County Shooting Range Restrictions Finally Defeated

Thanks to phones calls and emails from gun owners, the Sussex County Board of Supervisors finally defeated the county planning commission's efforts to restrict gun ranges out of existence.  The motion to pass the proposal died on a vote of 3-3. The motion needed four votes to pass. The supervisors voting with the rights of gun owners were:

Blackwater District 
Wayne M. Harrell 
406 Jasper Lane
Post Office Box 1 
Waverly, Virginia 23890
Home: (804) 834-2603

Courthouse District 
T. Wayne Birdsong
116 Nicholson Drive
Wakefield, Virginia 23888
Home: (757) 899-3806

Wakefield District 
C. Eric Fly Sr.,  
Vice Chairman 
38411 Rocky Hock Road
Wakefield, Virginia 23888
Cell: (757) 647-8190

This two-year battle now finally appears to be over. However, this is an election year and local boards, commonwealth attorneys, and other local officials are up for reelection in addition to the House of Delegates and State Senate.  That is why it is important to know where all candidates stand on your rights. One vote the other way would have doomed shooting ranges in Sussex County.

Thank you for taking action on such short notice.  Please be sure to contact the three members of the board that voted pro-freedom and thank them for their vote.

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