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Monday, August 8, 2011

Daily Press Gets It Wrong As Usual

I stumbled across this article from Saturday's Daily Press.  While it is under the "News" tab on the web site, there is no reporting value to it whatsoever, so it must be opinion masquerading as news.  The author, Tamara Dietrich, writes about Thursday's Virginia Tech lock down where three young people attending a camp on campus reporting seeing an individual carrying what appeared to be a handgun covered by something like a handkerchief.  Dietrich, after getting that part right, descends into irrelevance. She shows she has no concept of the law when it comes to concealed carry.
First, let's recap what the three children said they saw: a man holding what appeared to be a gun, covered with some type of cloth.

In other words, a man carrying a concealed handgun.

And if that man also happened to have a concealed carry permit, he was breaking no laws.
Well, no, if the firearm could be seen, it was not concealed.  She goes on to suggest that maybe the law should describe what the meaning of concealed is.  Most people understand that concealed means it cannot be seen.  Apparently the journalism school Ms. Dietrich attended did not teach her basic English.

It becomes clear that her problem is not that someone may have dared to walk on a college campus with a handgun, it is the fact that Virginia allows its law abiding citizens to carry firearms at all, open or concealed.
...Maybe Hanger should ask Cuccinelli to clarify pertinent stuff like this. It's the least he can do, since he's also responsible for last year's law allowing those with concealed carry permits to take concealed handguns into establishments that serve alcohol, so long as they don't drink.

It's an idiotic law, since Virginia already allows law-abiding citizens to openly carry firearms into establishments that serve alcohol and drink as much as they want.

All a permit-holder has to do, then, is take out his handgun, set it on the table and order up a double. ("Idiotic" and "law" aren't mutually exclusive, are they?)
Ms. Dietrich can write anything she wants for the Daily Press.  But the paper should at least be honest and classify something so blatantly opinion as such.

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