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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

1500 Sign Up to Support Sunday Hunting

Thanks to Matt O'Brien of Legalize Virginia Sunday Hunting for All for this guest blog post.

The grass roots facebook organization "Legalize Virginia Sunday Hunting for All" made a showing with a booth at this past weekend's Virginia Outdoor Sportsman Show. The support shown by attendees was overwhelming, the line to sign the Sunday hunting petitions was at times 3 deep with over 1,500 signatures received. 14 volunteers ensured that booth was manned for all three days of the show with a significant amount of support provided by Outdoorsman Taxidermy and Wild Game Processing Co. in Powhatan, VA.

Redd Branson (the booth organizer) and Matt O'Brien (group creator)
The same comments could be heard over and over again:
"I made it a point to come to your booth to see you when I saw you on the show vendor list."

"Where do I sign? We need to get this done."

"Heck yeah, I can't get in the woods as it is."

"I work 5 and 6 days a week. The ban is ridiculous"

There were a small minority of comments from those opposed with things like:

"It is the lords day and we shouldn't hunt on the lord's day."

"You should be with your family on Sunday."

"Animals need a day of rest."

"I don't want it, but if it passes I'm sure I will hunt it."
The intent of the booth at the show was not to argue the point with attendees but to make them aware that a grassroots effort has formed.

If you have any further questions or comments please do hesitate to contact Matt O'Brien with "Legalize Virginia Sunday Hunting for All" at 757 412-7892.

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