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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

ATF Multiple Rifles Sales Rule May Be Issued By Friday

Gun rights writer Alan Korwin reported in an email last night that four BATFE agents familiar with the planned Fast and Furious gun-smuggling "fix," state the bureau plans to release a "demand letter" by the end of this week, insisting that gun dealers in the four Mexico-border states begin reporting multiple rifle sales to the bureau.
The demand letter will require that all multiple rifle sales made to the same buyer within a five-day period to be reported beginning on August 14, on a form to be announced according to the agents. The order will exclude rifles in .22 caliber, and  rifles without detachable magazines. The agents acknowledged that  congressional action, lawsuits, an injunction or other court orders might forestall the implementation of the hastily concocted scheme. Such preventive measures are already underway.
Korwin also spoke with Cam Edwards last night about the forthcoming regulation on

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