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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Women On Target -- Serious Fun!

The Rappahannock Pistol & Rifle Club’s (RP&RC) spring Women On Target (WOT) Instructional Shooting Clinic was a real success when 49 women turned out for a day of firearm instruction and shooting.  Susan Hudson, the RP&RC WOT Clinic Director reported “This program is structured to provide women an opportunity to learn the fundamentals of shooting and provides one-on-one instruction with pistols, rifles and shotguns.  About 40% of the participants had never held a gun before so this event was a perfect opportunity to expose ladies to the shooting sports.”  RP&RC president, George Chagalis gave a hearty welcome, and Barry Kennedy, the club’s training officer provided a thorough safety instruction.   As coaches provided individualized training, pistol and rifle shooters quickly honed in on their target bulls eye and ladies were proudly showing off their targets or were anxious to  share how to  hit the ‘clay targets’ on the shotgun range. 

NRA instructor Dave Petersen provides coaching on the pistol range
All the necessary equipment was provided by the RP&RC with support from the National Rifle Association and the Virginia Shooting Sports Association.  However, the real success of the clinic was due to the interest and generosity of the club members.  According to Hudson, “Without a passionate club membership to support these events, it could not be pulled together.  Over 50 club members loaned firearms, instructed ladies on the firing line or helped   during the day.  The club members had just as much fun as the WOT ladies!  It was a great day for everyone.” Participant feedback consistently mentioned the  skill and patience of the instructors. 

The RP&RC was founded in the early 1980s and their range is just outside White Stone corporate limits.  Members can use  a 25 yard, 50 yard and 100 yard firing ranges as well as a trap and wobble trap shotgun range.  The club offers programs open to the public covering  instruction in pistol, rifle and shotgun skills as well as  courses required to become a certified instructor or to qualify for a concealed carry permit.  Members of the club also enjoy a full range of ”friendly”competition shoots. 
NRA instructor Tom Smith observes form and follow through on the trap range

NRA instructors Bob Berry and Roger Briney observes form and follow through on the trap range

A highly popular local event, this WOT clinic filled within a couple of days of advertising and Hudson is already taking names of ladies interested in attending the fall WOT clinic scheduled for October 1st.  For more information about the fall WOT clinic or the RP&RC, visit the club’s website at or contact Susan Hudson on 804-453-9156. 

NRA instructor Julie Denny provides coaching on the pistol range

WOT participant, Ann Thomas, proudly displays the results of her rifle can be done!
Thanks to Susan Hudson who provided this post and the photos.

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