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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Rappahannock Pistol and Rifle Club Hosts Wildly Successful NRA Youth Sportsfest

The Rappahannock Pistol and Rifle Club, a VSSA affiliated club, hosted a National Rifle Association (NRA) "Youth Sportsfest" on Saturday, April 16. The NRA Youth Sportsfest is a program designed to introduce youth to the shooting sports, in a safe, controlled environment. Forty-one youth attended the full day event, and participated in Air Rifle Shooting, 20 Gauge Shotgun Trap, .22 rifle shooting, and Service Rifle Marksmanship.
Recognizing that today's youth are the future of our shooting sports, volunteers from the Rappahannock Pistol and Rifle Club pulled out all the stops to ensure participants got a taste of all the shooting disciplines. NRA trained instructors supervised all shooting activities, emphasizing safe gun handling along with the fundamentals of rifle and shotgun shooting.

The club had a safety brief first, demonstrating the three NRA gun safety rules with a .22 rifle:

Instructor Dave Peterson coaches youth at the .22 rifle activity:
Trophies were awarded in four categories, results were:

20 Gauge Trap, First Place Eleanor Beane, Second Place Elijah Mckinley, Third Place Jacob Headley

Air Rifle, First Place Collin Vaughn, Second Place Tyler Dunaway, Third Place Chase Tambellini

.22 Rifle, First Place Elijah Mckinley, Second Place Scott Newsome, Third Place Collin Vaughn

Service Rifle, First Place Scott Newsome, Second Place Shawn Talley, Third Place Alex Von Vorrys.

Feedback from the youth participating (and their parents) was positive, all at the end of the day remembering the three NRA Gun Safety Rules:
"Always keep the gun pointed in a safe direction!"
"Always keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot!"
"Always keep the gun unloaded until ready to use!"
To learn more about the Rappahannock Pistol and Rifle Clubs Youth Programs, visit the clubs website at

Thanks to RPRC's Youth Programs Director, Tracy Grissett, for the photo's and report on the successful event.

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